Sunday, September 4, 2011

School Uniform ~ AARRGGGHHHHHH

When I was at school, all the primary schools I went to (5) did not wear uniform, so each day was get out the clothes that were clean and pop them on and go to school.  I don't remember having issues with fashion or what other people wore etc.  When I started senior school 1980, The uniform was a navy skirt, navy jumper, blue shirt and black shoes.  Everyone went to the uniform shop and bought from a very limited style choice.  As I entered the sixth form I rebelled and wore an extremely long blue skirt from C&A's, but on the whole we all just wore the uniform from the uniform shop.
How different it is now a days, Most primary schools now have uniform and the one I've had contact with were fairly relaxed and allowed any grey skirt and maroon sweatshirt.  In the summer the girls wore red gingham dresses and there were lots of styles available.
The local senior school is a lot more strict on uniform.  They state that the skirt should be knee legnth, black and A line and not made from the t shirt style fabric that rides up.  So that would be fairly simple then, at least that's what you think.  The school produce a skirt but it's the style that suits and more importantly fits only a few.  There is no adjustable waist and no waist band so the possibility of adding elastic is not there.  In reality, to get the correct waist fit for a skinny, you'd be having a few sizes smaller and so the skirt would be too short.  So after attending a very hectic uniform evening, I decided that I'd get one from a local  shop.  
So we trolled around M&S, British home stores, Debenhams, Tesco's Asda, Sainsbury's, New Look, Next and many more.  I was tearing out my hair.  Every shop was so near, but so far.  Some had the right style, but only in younger girls sizes,  but the overwhelming thing was pleats.  They were everywhere and not only that, they were all short.  After all the who ha, I decided that the best place to go and probably where we should have gone first was the trusty uniform shop, the same one I'd got my uniform in all those years before.  Believe it or not the school uniform shop only had one style of skirt in  and that was a pleated kilt.  I was beginning to panic.  It was far too late to order a skirt from the school  and so I began to trawl the internet and on the 25th August, I located the perfect skirt, selected the exact size and length and pressed al the order buttons, sat back and waited.  And Waited.  And Waited.  
Finally last Wednesday I rang and asked where it was and was told it would be in on Wednesday and sent straight out.  But by Saturday I was getting frantic and accosted the post woman, but she had no delivery for me.  So in panic I rang the shop and the lady agreed to post it out to me.  Now I have my fingers crossed that it arrives in Monday's post as it is needed for Tuesday's school.  Should it fail to arrive, I have no plan B.

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