Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Memories 9/11

They say that many people can tell you what they were doing when JFK was killed.  I always thought that was a bit of a myth, but during the time of my life, there have been two such utter shocking events that have etched an image in my mind.  The first was the death of Diana and the second happened like this.
I stood in the infant play ground with my little girl in her buggy.  We were waiting for her two big brothers to come out of school.
One of my childhood friends came rushing over.  "Have you heard about the Twin towers?" she said.  I replied in the negative.  I wasn't even sure what the twin towers were, let alone where they were.
She went on to tell me that "an aeroplane has crashed into a skyscraper in new York" What an awful accident.
At that stage the playground flooded with children and we made our way home.
Back inside, I went to turn on the portable in the dining room.  I remember the green carpet, the TV balanced on top of an old beige kitchen cabinet.  The blue wall, the flames pouring from a tower block and then the change of camera angle, the shot of a second plane hitting, the explosion, the amazing flash of orange gold and the glint of the sun on broken glass, all set against a blue sky. Then the shock hit.
It was hours before it was possible to stop watching.  the children played happily, oblivious to what was unfolding infront of my eyes.
The towers crumbling, the dust charging up the streets covering everything in it's path.  memories of lessons in school about Pompei.  Images of grey, grey people, grey cars, grey streets, grey mood.
Sorrow, stress, searching for loved ones.  Anguish, anger, Al Qeada.....
The World Watched, The World Wept, The world Changed

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I to remember where I was on that day. I was teaching, in the staff room for a quick break, telephone rang and it was a colleague's husband telling us of the first attack. We couldn't believe it - it just seemed so unreal at the time.


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