Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Running A Craft Business ~ Marketing ~ Part 1

Having a web site is not enough. If you design and set it up and then do nothing, you are never going to reach good positions on Google and the other search engines.

It’s like having a child, you have to feed it and care for it and encourage it.

You’ll spend a lot of time promoting your site.

• Directory listings: there are a lot of directories on the web where you can list your site. You will in most cases be required to then link back to the directory. You therefore set up on your site a links page, and this is where your reciprocal links go.

• You can link your web site with other people, in exchange for you linking to theirs.

• Social networking is also great. Be careful that you abide by the rules though or you will get banned. You can join forums relating to your product etc. is a great place to share about your craft and to also help other people out. There is a whole bank of knowledge and experienced crafters and craft business owners who will offer advice.

• Listing sites such as are great show cases for your handmade items.

• Blog: Blogs are great tools for promoting your work. Google blogger is easy to use, Free and has the ability to post pictures easily. You should aim to blog regularly and to get started it takes 5 minutes!! You can link to your web sites and do anything you want: and are two examples of how blogs can work for your business.

• Remember that when you are on the internet, you represent your business. Be careful how you respond to people and how you show yourself. Be polite, avoid angry confrontations.

• Social networking sites like twitter and face book, can be excellent promoters. Be Careful though to draw the line between business and personal use. It’s worth setting up a business identity and keeping that professional. Again, remember the image you are portraying.

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