Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Crafts Juice Tuesday ~ 8/6/10 ~ Bright and Beautiful

Jen Twinkle has created this stunning little crayon roll from amazing polka dot fabric.  What budding artist wouldn't be inspired to create a masterpiece with it.

It is with great sentimentality that I remeber my bedroom floor littered with unwinding cassettes of Fame, The Thompson Twins, Human league and Spandau Ballet.  These memories have been brought back by Cute Copy Create's print "mixed up"

Doesn't this cup cake look delicious with it's cherry topper.
Created by Fairy Fox

This is a stunning bag with beautiful contrasting fabrics created by Antique Basket Lady


淳珮淳珮 said...
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Jentwinkle said...

Thank you for featuring my crayon roll! Jen x

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