Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Presenting colour options ~ Swarovski Colour Chart

It's always difficult to know how to best display colour options for clients and I find this particually with the wonderful array of colours offered by Swarovski.  There are several places around who offer sample packs, but the fiddly little bags are not a very professional way to show the options off to a client.
Then there is the option of aquiring a colour chart, these only offer static crystals or even printed images and it's difficult to see how colours actually work along side each other.
I thought I'd share my idea to work with the crystals allowing the flexibility of seeing the colours nest to one another, whilst showcasing the various colour options and making it easy to see the full rnage in each tone family.
I've used memory wire and cut single rings.  I then loop the end, feed on the crystals and type up a card to attach with the names on,,, (the card is laminated and then punched)  finally the other end is looped to stop the crystals falling off.  The loops of crystals are attached together using jump rings.
I've also added my logo and details to the back of one of the cards.

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