Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Craft juice Tuesday ~ 15/6/10 ~ It caught my eye!

These amazing lampwork beads have been created using soft pinks and spring greens. Each bead is individually made over a torch by Crazy Lady Glass

Cut Copy Create has made this wonderful atmospheric image which is a mono print that has then been digitally enhanced with colour.

More beautiful beads.  This time they are deep swirling greens and blues.  Reminiscent of the sea.  I am in love!
Created by Beadtopia

This wonderful seeless glasses case is felted by violet green.  I love the colour choices and patterns.


Jaunty Little Things said...

Thank you for featuring my felt glasses case.

crazyladyglass said...

I'm honored to have a set of my beads added to your "Craft juice Tuesday. Thank you!

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