Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whose Team?

Listening to the radio this morning, I heard an article about P.E. Lessons.
P.E. Lessons were a terrible ordeal for me. I remember walking through the door of the changing rooms. The green paint on the walls and the smell.
I never found P.E. a natural thing. I hated standing in the changing rooms removing my clothes to put on the gym slip and top. Every time, I knew the taunts would come. The laughing at my skinny underdeveloped body.
Then there was the team selection. Everyone lined up against the wall. One by one a name would be called and they'd join their friends smiling and laughing until there were just two of us left Claire and me. That would bring forth further laughter "You have the fatty and I'll have the skinny" or "you have the stick and I'll have the podge" would finish that off. How near the tears were. How could you possibly get up from that humiliation and enjoy P.E. No one wanted me. I could offer no value to the team. I was the booby prize.
The teachers couldn't see the effort it took to walk through the door, they couldn't see the effort it took to hold back the tears. To stand routed to the spot as the joke was on me. They rewarded me with a 'D' and on a couple of occassions an 'E' for effort.

How different it is when God selects his team. It doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, how talented you are.

You are wanted, desired, loved cared for, supported and accepted. You don't need to wait for him to select you. You are already selected.

He selected each and every one of us when he bought us. He paid for me and he paid for you when his son subjected his hands and feet to the nails and his head to the crown of thorns. The blood that he shed allowed us to be on his team.

Just step forward and be on his team.

Thank you Father that you love me.
You see past all my faults.
You have forgiven my sins.
You Love me, you want me and I want you.


Sandy said...

I hated P.E too! It was pure torture. I never decided which was worse, the actual physical part or the mental horror it caused. I did my best, but it was never very good. Our teacher made us answer roll call with either "shower" or "period". I was shy and horrified. I thought I'd received divine intervention when I was excused from P.E in college because I had too many courses! I am so glad God's approach to teaching is completely different!

Crystal Velvet Weddings said...

My children go to the senior school i went to and some of the PE teachers are still there. On parents evenings I sneak past them. I'd love to have the guts to go up to them and tell them just how horrific PE was for me.

Beth in NC said...

I'm so sorry. Those are horrible memories. I never was athletic and thankfully I don't remember much about those days.

I'm grateful that our God chooses us.

Bless you!

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