Saturday, April 18, 2009

God's world in our care

Outside my house stand 3 blue, one green and one brown dustbins. It's so different from when I was growing up. In those "olden days" everything was just piled in together and the pile of black rubbish sacks spewed over the path at the side of the house. I don't think that we had recycling other than bottles that you took back to the supermarket for 5p each.
Now the recycling potential is amazing.
Just this week I've been able to recycle the following:

1. Paper
2. cardboard
3. lawn cuttings (compost)
4. cut flowers (compost)
5. clothes, shoes
6. books and toys
7. plastic carriers
8. mushroom containers and fruit containers from the grocers (became seed trays)
9. fruit peelings, egg shells, rabbit droppings and sawdust (compost)
10. glass
11. tins

I've also been on freecycle ~ I'd urge everyone to join it. If you have stuff you no longer require you can just give it away. Submit an advert and wait for the replies to flood in and then you elect who you want to get it and they come and pick it up form your home.
There is also the option to ask for things you need. no money changes hands and you are not adding unwanted goods to the landfill site.

I actually find it a challange to have my standard rubbish bin as empty as possible and in the end, the majority of it is crinkly plastic wrappings from food. Now if I could only find a craft to do with that!!!

We are custodians of the perfect world that God made for us. Wouldn't it be great to be able to look after it as he'd like us to.

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