Saturday, April 11, 2009

Approaching Easter ~ Loss

After Jesus died, he was taken down from a cross, wrapped in strips of cloth and put into a near by tomb belonging to one of his secret followers. It was done in a hurry as the sabbath was very near and Jews do not work at all on that day.

What happened next, we do not know.
What emotions the disciples must have gone through.
We know that John took Mary the mother of Jesus home with him and cared for her from that day forward. I can only imagine that this must have offered them both comfort. When you loose someone it is very comforting to talk to other people who knew them too.

Perhaps they were afraid. Their Leader had been taken, tortured and killed. What if that wasn't enough for Ciaphas, Pilate and the chief priests and officials. What if they were out for more blood? Perhaps the disciples would be next.

We know that Jesus had told them he would rise in three days time, They had witnessed him giving life back to Jairus' daughter, Peters mother in law and Lazarus, but they were not expecting it. If they had been, then would the women have gone to take spices to embalm the body on the first day of the week?

A Northumbrian blessing:

Lord be with those who have lost a loved one
surround them with your love
in waking or sleeping
in joy and in pain
in their waiting and longing
enfold them with your peace
encircle them with your protection
embrace them with your peace
edue them with your hope for the future.

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