Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Man looks on the outside!

Saturday evenings in our home follow a familiar routine. My husband comes in from work, we eat our evening meal, clear up and then sit down together to watch the television.
This saturday we all learnt a very valuable lesson as did many people accross the UK.
We were watching Britain's got tallent. It's a tv show where various people have a slot to show off their many wonderful and sometimes not so wonderful diverse tallents. We witnessed singers, dance troups, commedians, artistic acts and then onto the stage walked a 47 year old lady.
Looking at many of the acts, it's easy to guess what they are going to do. This time it was different. The lady had an awkwardness about her. Her hair was greying and quite unstyled, her dress was dated and to be brutaly honest, looking at her we were expecting her to be poor at whatever it was she wanted to do. She just didn't look the part, didn't look the image of a performer.
A short interview followed and her lovely scottish voice and smile still did nothing to warn you of what was to come.
Sing .... she was going to sing. The audience looked shocked and disbelieveing at the prospect. There were chuckles in the audience as she said she'd like to be like Elaine Paige.
Silence, she montioned for the track to be turned on and then she opened her mouth and the most beautiful aria emerged. her voice had a lovely tonal quality and power to it. You could hear the audience gasp, then break forth in rapturous applause.
The song she chose to sing was an amazing piece of music called "I dreamed a dream" from the musical Les Mieserables.
Dispite having stood on that stage with the audience and viewers so disbeliveing, laughing and waiting for her to fail, she'd risen above it all and given a stunningly beutiful performance. And the audience were on their feet clapping and clapping.
If you'd like to see what I am talking about then click here

1 Samuel 16 v 6-7
tells us that "man looks at the outside, but God looks at the heart"
In that particular chapter the story is the sellection of David as king. The smallest and unlikely of Kings. A shepherd boy, youngest of seven sons. Not the one expected for the job.
Time and again we see Gods choice of worker as not who you would expect.

Wanted "A brave man to go to a warring neighbours island to tell them that they are doing wrong and that God doesn't like it"

Wanted "A young woman to enter a beauty pagent with a chance to become the queen, married to a Jew hating king"

Wanted "A man to lead Gods people to their rightful home. He must be prepared to stand up to the pharoho"

Wanted "A woman to bear the son of God"

Wanted "A man to become a planning officer for food supplies over a whole country for 14 years"

Who would have thought that Jonah, a lazy coward would be sent to Nineva, or that an orphaned Jewish girl would become queen and save her people. Was Moses, a murderer your first choice be a leader of people, or that Mary a young and unmarried girl would be the one God chose to bear his son.
Did Joseph, a bragger and the most annoying irksome sibling look as though he had potential to provide food aid planning for a whole nation?

God has plans for each and everyone of us and maybe to the outside world we are not the obvious choice, but he invests in us tallents that can be used for him.

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Beth in NC said...

I am SO glad you linked us to that youtube!!!! WOW! I was shocked too. God bless that lady. I pray she will continue to soar. Ha -- Simon is much nicer there than he is on American Idol.

So true that God sees our potential, our hearts, our future -- we see with our eyes.

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