Friday, August 3, 2012

Beauty In Unexpected Places

Every day when I see the wonderful countryside around South Cave, I think "I am so lucky to live here"  the rolling hills with their crop planted patchworks, the copses and woodland all sit beautifully together, no wonder they inspire artists.

Painting by David Hockney
A few night ago I was talking at a WI over the other side of Hull in the rural location of Roos.  My journey there took me from the beautiful Wolds.

Past the river Humber with the sunlight glistening on the water and the blue sky reflected in it. Past the majestic Humber bridge through the centre of Hull.

Past the marina with the boats bobbing and into a run down dock area, past the prison and then past the sprawling mass of pipes and chimneys that is Salt End Petrochemical company.

Finally I entered winding country roads that led through pretty little villages until I got to my destination. I thought back over the journey and thought how Salt End was a blot on the landscape.
My return journey left me thinking that perhaps I'd got it wrong.  It was dark by the time I left Hedon and turned out on to he A63. As I did, there infront of me was a stunning scene.

this photo is one of a series of amazing photos by Hull Photographer David Laws

 Salt End, lit up by lights all decked in splendour.  It was beautiful.  Had I not been driving I would have been able to take it in a bit more.

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