Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Moving Moment

Last night, along with billions of other people I sat down to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  The question of who would light the Olympic cauldron, who would be given the honour.  The papers have been full of it with speculations running wild.
A beautiful amazing tableaux took place, followed by 204 parties of athletes walking into the stadium, all excited and proud to be there, and then we saw the arrival of the Olympic flag and finally we watched as the Olympic flame arrived courtesy of David Beckham and a young English footballer.  it was welcomed to the stadium by Sir Steve Redgrave and at that point I can't have been the only one thinking, well it's not Steve Redgrave lighting the flame.  He ran into the stadium and lit the torch of  a young lad who started running around the track with six others.   The commentator then told us that each youngster was nominated by a former Olympian and as the names were read out, and the torch passed between them, still the question was who would light the flame?  and then the most amazing thing happened, as the youngsters arrived before the great Olympians, they were all given torches and shared the light between themselves, and then the youngsters "the future" went forward and lit the flame together .   The music fitted so well, the percussive bells and the high and beautiful music rose and then petals of copper lit and lifted coming together to form the most beautiful iconic image of the Olympic cauldron.  so beautiful, so moving and so perfect.

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