Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 194 ~ 201 ~ One A Day Challenge ~ The holiday makes

The last week was spent in a tent in Norfolk.  I decided that rather than taking a break from the one a d ay challenge, I'd think laterally and create other things.  There are no photos so I've sources appropriate images from the internet!

Day 194 ~ I made a camp (yes I did have a little help).  it's not easy in the drizzling rain, but before long the tents were up and sorted. and then I made a discovery and found the wedding ring I lost camping last year!!

Day 195 ~ I made a black rubbish bag into a leg cover for a wheelchair user. 
Day 196 ~ I made tears .... we went to see Toy Story 3.  I knew that people had found it an emotional experience and by the time the film neared it's end I'd laughed and enjoyed it, but couldn't understand why people cried ..... and then I found out and joined in.

Day 197 ~ I made a sandcastle.  The weather was nice enough to go to the beach.

Day 198 ~ I made a campfire

Day 199 ~ I made a tent bailer.  Boy did the rain fall and it managed to find a way into our tent and so I had to create a bailer and managed to scoop up a whole big bucket ful of water.

Day 200 ~ I made a Getaway from the rain, or at least I treid to.  The rain had stopped, the tent was dry and it was the end of the day.  I thought it would be better to pack up in the dry rather than wait until the following day to go home in the rain.  The matresses were deflated, the sleeping bags rolled up and everything else packed in the bags,  only the car to load and the tents to put down .............
and then the rain came in style.  and boy did it tip it down.

Day 201 ~ I made a camp.  I had to put the ten up in the garden to dry it off!

I promise that the One A Day Challenge will purely relate to real crafts in future!

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