Monday, August 9, 2010

Artist profile ~ Jon Hicks

Whilst in Norwich last week to escape the rain (although it came with us) we visited a huge art centre called the forum.  It was incredibly impressive and after we'd walked around some of the exhibits which were themselves amazing, we noticed by the doorway an area set aside for street performance.  We decided to stop.  It was evident that paint was going to be involved as a ground sheet was laid out ready that itself resembled a Jackson Pollock of the finest quality.
We stood and waited whilst an announcer drew more crowds.  Eventually we were introduced to the performer Jon Hicks.  He emerged and started his act.  He said nothing during the whole act, but gesticulated with tiny insignificant hand movements.  His dead pan approach was very disconcerting and yet drew you to watch and watch.  Whilst looking at the crowd, he amazingly transfered a piece of paper into a flapping origami bird, and then involved a child in a dropping sugerlump act, the whole thing was amazingly well put together and flowed beautifully.  I knew the paint would come eventually and it did.
Two sheets of black paper were stapled to a wooden frame, one covering the other.  Then in true Rolf Harris style he bagan to paint sploges and lines, daubs and dots and nothing seemed to make sense.  All through the act, there was a range of music playing and eventually, several colours later the image literally sprang to life.  A daub of red and then Dot Cotton was there in all her glory.  Having been a Rolf Harris fan and inspired by him as a child, it was amazing to see this before me.
The act wasn't over, we all knew that there was another piece of paper!
The second painting began.  It was very difficult to see what it was going to be, but when the white paint began to flow the secret and extra ordinary skill of Jon Hicks showed through.
With a final flourish of black paint to hide and dribbles, the screen was spun round and round and revealed the Elvis image that had been painted completely upside down.

You can see more about Jon Hicks here and see more of his amazing pictures.

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