Saturday, August 14, 2010

Accessorising ~ The Peacock Maxi Dress

This season, every wardrobe should contain a maxi dress.  The long flowing light fabrics can suit every size and shape.
This particular example is one of my favourites.  Mother nature dressed the peacock in beautiful tones of blue, gold, green and purple and now the "Stella label" have used the peacock for their stunning fabric.
Dress available from: for 29.99 + P&P

Choosing jewellery to accessorise this dress is easy.  There are so many colours to choose from and you could either choose a single colour from the green, purple or gold, or you could have a necklace that incorporates all the colours.

This necklace contains all the peacock colours in a multi jewelled string
This simple illusion style necklace takes teal and gold tones to accentuate the colours in the dress

Finally, this necklaces accents green toned beads with silver beads.  It is finished with Baroque peacock beads in lustrous tones.

All the jewellery featured in this article is available through
or by emailing me.

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PoetessWug said...

That is a stunningly beautiful, yet simple, dress. Just right! And so colorful!! :-)

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