Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Easter Fair

Last night I had a stall at the local schools Easter Fair.  It's an annual event for me and I really enjoy the environment of all the children and their parents and the bustle and hecticness of it all.  This year I was set up in an art bay which suits me very well as it's like having a little shop unit.

I took with me my jewellery, keepsakes and sock monkeys and laid every thing out.  The childrens art that was decorating the walls in the bay was really lovely and someone had obviously been busy earlier in the day and had liberally dusted the floor with glitter for added sparkle.
The cleaner came round and hoovered up, but the glitter wasn't having any of it and stayed firmly in situ!!
It was a very successful evening and I had several sales including the whole of my sock monkey stash.  Every single one of them went!!!

The best bit of the evening for me was when towards the end,  a little girl called Scarlett came to my stall.  She was buying beads and had emptied her money box for the occassion. I think she had been saving very hard.   Just look how wonderful this looks!!  (needless to say I did not bother counting!)

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