Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quilling ~ Jane and Josie Jenkins

Many many years ago as a teenager I attended a local village day at Cave Castle in South Cave.  Whilst there I was enthralled by watching a lady called Jane Jenkins, quilling.  In effect, she was rolling strips of beautifully coloured paper and forming patterns and images on greetings cards.  She mentioned tome that she was going to be starting a night class in the school for the art of quilling and calligraphy.  I was really excited and asked mum and dad if they would pay for me to go. I remember attending the first one.  The rest of the ladies in the class seemed so much older than me, but they were a friendly bunch.  The first half of each class was for calligraphy (the art of decorative scripting) Jane had contact with someone who kept geese and we were each given a goose feather and a tiny snipit of a coke can.  we cut the quills and inserted the coke can and then we were ready to write.  I can still remember all the techniques. (the local church even asked me to fill in all the confirmation certificates using these newly learned skills.)
Then we moved onto the second hour.   Quilling.  Jane had some amazing samples she'd made to show us and she opened a huge suitcase full of paper kits that she explained she'd had cut especially.  The quilling papers were beautiful and it almost seemed a shame to wreck them.  Gradually over the weeks we learned flat quilling and then out came the eggs.  I loved the egg work.  some cut in half and hinged, some covered completely.

I embraced the quilling and made gifts and cards for many people including my Grandma, who treasured each and every one. including this egg which  was later given to my daughter.
This morning on the Uk Crafts Forum, Jane's daughter Josie was talking about some classes she is going to running to teach quilling in Liverpool.  I hope that people enjoy themselves as much as I did with her mum.

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