Monday, January 9, 2012

The Beach Of My Dreams

My favourite place to be is on a windswept beach.  i love beach combing and always have.  I have memories of being a child on one of my yearly Northumbrian holidays walking along the deserted beaches and seeing a man pulling a cart along collecting driftwood, fishing net and other exciting looking trreasures.
I was hooked on beach treasures from that moment and although I have never owned a cart, I have uindulged the inner beach comber, rescuing druiftwood and rope.
One of the things I treasure is sea glass.  I t's beautiful washed surfaces have taken tears of being shaped by mother natures gentle buffeting.  (the man made attempts are nothing like the real deal)
These pictures are taken from a newspaper article about a beach in California that would be my dream beach.  It was formally a dump where rubbish was left through the 1950's until the 1960's when it was realised that toxins were poisoning the environment, but what began life as unwanted rubbish is now a beautiful glass pebble beach and it attracts tourists to it's glorious sparkling treasure.
Mother nature fought back and won.

It is an offence to remove glass from the beach.


Darius Cartmell said...

Those colorful sea glasses look remarkable and beautiful, especially when hit by sunlight. They look so magical and dreamy, like they're stars sparkling under the sun. That's what I love seeing on the beach, next to pearly white sand.

Darius Cartmell

Anonymous said...

You would love South Africa. I lived for a while on the Hibiscus Coast and its more beautiful than that which is photographed! You need to visit...

I hope the jewellery making and parties are going well.


Anonymous said...

The beach of your dreams looks a little like where I used to live. Looks like you need to visit Africa. Miles upon miles of beautiful undisturbed coast backing onto nature reserves. I lived on the Hibiscus coast which is near the wild coast. Its certainly wild and windy too.

A fellow artist said to me on Tuesday everyone should take a journey to the seaside at least once a year. Its so true, keeps life in perspective!

Anyway I hope the jewellery making, selling and parties are going well.


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