Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Music Makes The World Go Around

Music is a gift. 
The city of Hull is, like many cities in the uk poorly funded. The threat has now come to the Hull music service. It’s a fantastic service that encourages children and adults to learn and enjoy music. A few years ago thy built a new centre to house the service (previously they were based in a derelict school) the service is now under threat of cuts. This will leave tallented and aspiring musicians with no base, subsidised teaching etc.Hull City Council are proposing to withdraw funding from Hull Music Service.
What this means is there would be increased charges to schools for lesson costs. Also the costs involved in the upkeep of the Albemarle and the 19 ensembles that meet there would be threatened. This could result in the closure of the Albemarle.
 We cannot allow this to happen without a fight.
Please sign this petition and it will be used, if needed, to strengthen the case for keeping Music Service funding.

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