Friday, February 25, 2011

Celebration time and time for a giveaway too!

You may notice on my side bar a button for the "One A Day Challenge" run through the craft forum.  I have completely missed my year end (should have been Feb 5th).
Every day since 5th Feb I have created something, jewellery, paintings, bags, crafts etc.  I have not missed a single day until yesterday when I was simply too busy doing a massive spring clean.  (but as I'd already passed the year end it now doesn't count)  I am so proud of myself.
As from Today, I am going to start a new year of making one a day!

In celebration of this I am offering a Bespoke Necklace and Earring Set to someone.  All you need to do is make sure you are following me and then leave a comment saying:

length (upto 22")
Style (with or without drop)
earring fitment (hook, stud, clip)
length of earring.

The winner will be drawn at random on Friday 4th March at 12 Noon. (Open to international followers too)


SimJaTa said...

Wow, what an achievement - you are a busy bee.

Now try remember the questions..
colour - purple
stud, no drop, short.

(I hope thats right, pea brain here had forgotten by the time I got to the box)

Lynda x

mythreebeez said...

Was wondering --did you get much sleep last year??
If I win I would like light blue - 16 ins no drop and stud ear rings please
Jeanie x

Kitkat said...

I'm now following your blog and I'd love to win this giveaway :)

Colour: Pink
length (upto 22") 22"
Style (with or without drop)with drop
earring fitment (hook, stud, clip) hook
length of earring. don't mind :)

jinja jewellery said...

wow well done with listing everyday, I try but don't usually manage over weekends. If I won I would love for you to chose so it would be like christmas, a complete surprise, although I have get pierced ears so no clips. Thanks again for this great giveaway
Leanne x

Debby said...

Love your work!

Womble said...

Wot a lovely giveaway hun :o) xXx

Colour - Rainbow
length (upto 22")- 16"
Style (with or without drop)- with drop
earring fitment (hook, stud, clip)- hook
length of earring - 1.5-2"

xXx Kokokelli xXx

UniquelyYours said...

That is an amazing achievement, sleep must have been in very short supply.
A wonderful giveaway to have.
Am a follower now.
Length 18" with drop, don`t mind colour.
Earrings, hook and approx an inch or so.
Thank you.

loody said...

drop (small)

loody said...

Ooooh meant to say am following (pressed sumbit too soon)

S x

Design By Kerry said...

Wowm I'm lucky to make something once a month these days let along one a day - well done!

Now, if I won. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Colour - Pink (I have absolutely nothing pink so would make a nice change).
Longest length, no drop
Earrings would be hook with any drop.

Fingers crossed!!!

Janette said...

You always seem to find 25 hours in your days, wish I knew your secret Karen!

Now questions, hmmm
Don't mind

Here's to the next year of blogging!

Aviya Glass said...

Just seen this reminder on CF! Firstly super well done on making something every day - seriously impressive!
Hmmm decisions so exciting .....
Colour - blues, greens kinda peacock colours, length 16" with drop
earring hook, errr not too long prob max 3cms
Pretty please! xxx

Julie Monk said...

You busy bee, if I were lucky enough to win this brill giveaway, I would like you to choose, that way it will be a lovely surprise.

Dragonwys said...

Congrats on the brilliant achievement :)

Colour - Purple
length - 16"
Style - without drop
earring fitment - hook
length of earring - 1-2"


WeridAboutDreams said...

Colour: Light Blue
length (upto 22") 18
Style (with or without drop)with drop
earring fitment (hook, stud, clip) hook
length of earring. don't mind

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