Monday, January 25, 2010

Grafitti ~ an art form to embrace

Driving into town yesterday, we drove through a run down area, where education and ambition are not embraced and where moral and hopes are low. It was as we passed the broken buildings and crumbling wastelands that my eye was drawn to some art work.
Sprayed onto the blank canvas of a former factory wall, was a mix of colour and line that thrilled my heart! A talent that someone had used. I don't understand the meaning, I didn't know the intention, but I could see the creativity and talent that had placed it there.
How sad that young people have the artistic site and ability to create this street art and yet not to have it challenged and recognised, to have someone champion their ability and encourage it into something for their own futures. Surely someone with such tallent should be encouraged into art classes or courses so that they can use and develop their gifts for the future.
I'd love to see councils set up free art places where people can go to grafitti to their hearts content, places where youth workers could communicate and encourage these tallented individuals.

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