Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 11 ~ One A Day Challenge ~ Bead style

I have not actually assembled any jewellery items or other creations today, I have however been experimenting with bead finishes.
The beads above were plain wooden beads with a varnish coat on them. They have been hanging out in my stash for a long time and I decided to attack them with gold spray. I figured that I could use some gold beads in my designs. This morning I took and empty weetabix box, emptied all the wooden beads in and sprayed them until they were coated in gold. They looked great so I left thm on the back step and went out shopping. I can't believe what has happened and how good and stylish they look. The gold has adhered to certain areas and it now gives the impression that have applied gold leaf foils to them.

The second experimet is also leaving me very happy. I gathered some scraps of mica polymer. Mica is an inclusion in the polymerclay that adds a sparkle. Mica is a powdered stone.
Once the bead was baked I attacked it with a blade and shaved tiny areas of the curve so that it gave a hammered metal appearance. The mica is really brought out by this technique and it's quite metalic in it's look.
Both bead designs will find there way into some jewellery later in the week.

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