Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tagged? ~ I have been!

I have been Tagged by Kelly at Thank you Kelly. Kelly (like me) is a prolific blog writer. A christian and a mum, Kellies inspiring thoughts of life are a great read.

What is Tagging?
It's a way of linking blog to blog.
Menion the person who tagged me (done that!)
I have now to "tag" eight people whose blogs I love to read. (only eight! I enjoy a lot more blogs than that!)
I have to complete the lists of eights
I have to tell the others I have tagged them.

8 Things I Look Forward To
1. Camping in the summer (although the weather is usually very unkind!)
2. Weddings (of the brides I design for)
3. Bags of beads arriving through the post.
4. Writing my blogs
5. My seeds germinating and growing amazing fruit and vegetables
6. My sons baptism next week end
7. seeing my childrens sucess
8. Eternal Life

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. made two tiaras
2. packed orders from my bead store
3. tidied up (a never ending task)
4. Watered the gardens
5. Worshipped
6. made some vegeburgers
7. congratulated my neighbour on her engagement
8. learned a new song.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. pmc (silver clay) I haven't the time to learn a new hobby.
2. Knit and crochet
3. write poetry
4. play an instrument
5. See celtic women on tour
6. move to a remote scottish island and go self sufficient (whilst keeping full internet access and having access to beads and fabrics etc! ~ best of both worlds)
7. Be a better wife and mother
8. Keep the house tidy all the time so that when someone knocks at the door you don't look around and go "arrggghhhh"

8 Shows I Watch
1. The Apprentice
2. Kirsties home made home
3. House under the hammer
4. Waterloo Road
5. Holby City
6. Casualty
7. Eastenders
8. CSI

8 Bloggers I Tagged
1. Beth in NC because she's a real encourager.
2. Recycled bag lady a like minded creative woman with a love of allotments!
3. Periwinkle studio for making beautiful things
4. Heather at creatively kept because your style is great
5. Knitz and bitz because your unique items are wonderful
6. Polka dot daisy for your ecclectic cheerful blog
7. Ami designs jewellery as I have only just discovered your lovely blog
8. Spans stitchin because you create such wonderful items


Beth in NC said...

Hey girlie! Thank you for thinking of me. :o) Actually, I just did this tag this week. Look through my posts and you'll see my answers. hee hee

I like your comment about keeping your house tidy at all times. I understand that!!! People never call, but just pop in on us ALL OF THE TIME! I don't know why -- I guess we look inviting (ha). Trust me, they see our house "as is" too. Oh well ...

Have a blessed day!

Periwinkle Studio said...

Thanks for thinking of me and sharing this 'tag'!

I am going to start thinking of the answers and get them posted on my blog!

I understand the 'secrets' of the 15yr.old.....getting something out of them that is actually important can be difficult! Hang in there, my son is 'starting' to open up more and he is 16 1/2. :)

Kelly's Ideas said...

I always wanted to learn how to knit too... On my next to do list...when it frees up in about 10 years!
glad you played. You inspire me too.
God Bless!

Heather said...

Karen, thanks for the tag and the very sweet comment:)

Hannah said...

Sorry its taken me a little while to reply. Thank you so much for the tag and for the lovely comment :)

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