Saturday, January 19, 2013

Updates .......

For many many years I've been trading as Beads By Design and whilst that fitted my initial ideas, it's become more restrictive and does not really reflect my current creations in the same way as it used to.
I am also known as Crystal Velvet Weddings and as Ra Ra Bazaar and after some considerable thought, I have decided to move to being Ra Ra Bazaar as it enables me to encompass all my creations under one roof.
I will still have the Beads By Design and Crystal Velvet Wedding sections on my web site, but am gradually changing my public persona. will eventually become my main web address, but the others will still be kept on and will work to take you to the same place.

1 comment:

Carolee Crafts said...

I like the new name, reminds me of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, so memorable.

Sometimes hard when we start out down one road, then branch out into others, all part of being creative.

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