Friday, June 1, 2012

Handmade By God ~ Heidi Shirra

When I moved back up to South Cave 13 years ago, Heidi was one of the first people I met.  She was a beautiful little girl and was playing in her garden whilst her mum and I had a cup of coffee.  Over the years it has been lovely to watch her grow up and find her gifts and talents and to see her journey into womanhood.
Heidi is a gifted dancer and when she finished school she went off to university to study dance.  It was whilst doing this that she found herself in the grip of the eating disorder anorexia.
Heidi returned home and battled to regain her life.  This battle taught Heidi some truths that she has chosen to share in her book Handmade By God which is released today.  Handmade by God is a series of 52 bible verses that inspired and encouraged Heidi to re-see herself in the way that God wanted her to, rather than the altered self image that anorexia had given her.
Heidi is now studying to be a nurse and is back to her beautiful and happy self.  She regularly shares her talents by encouraging other people of all ages to dance in worship which  is a beautiful media for worship for those dancing and those watching.  To see this beautiful young woman shining with the love of God is such a blessing.
Heidi's book is available to purchase HERE

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CarolC1 said...

Very poignant story with lots of 'truths' in it to apply to all of us.

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