Friday, June 3, 2011

Add A Strand Necklace

I've been working on several new products and am happy to unveil this one.  It's an Add a Strand necklace.  You can disassemble or assemble as required to produce a lovely necklace in three, two or single strand looks.

The colour and length of the necklace is down to your own choice and will be made up for you in a mix of crystals, gemstones, glass, and delica beads.
The clasp system is simple and unbulky allowing you to add a second  and even a third set of necklace strands onto one necklace giving you endless options.

I believe that this is the only multi strand necklace currently available with a single fastening unit. (if you know different let me know!)
I have been making this style of necklaces for brides for many years and am now going into the multi coloured route.  Please let me know your feed back as it will help me to improve my design etc.
you can purchase the necklace HERE

1 comment:

Cara Jane said...

wow what a neat idea! I guess you can mix and match different colour strands to match your outfits too.

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