Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Creative Gift

Back in school many many years ago, one of my vivid memories was an art lesson.  In that lesson, we were based at the top of the tower, so with beautiful views over the River Humber plains, we set about following the instructions from our art teacher Mrs Cosens.
"Now do be careful," she remonstrated, "don't cut towards your hand, always put you hands behind the cutter tool"
Very carefully we began the lino cutting.  Sharp tools were used and we carefully gauged out the lino to produce an image.
Before long, I was so into it that the "rules" went straight out of my head and the tool went straight into the side of my hand.  I went into panic mode.  Clearly I was going to be bleeding to much to get away with no one noticing, so I stood up, went over to the sink, washed my hands and then pretended to cut my hand on the paper towel dispenser.
The teacher handed out plasters and I avoided the "I told you so" speech.

Anyway, This christmas  have been  given a lino cutter starter kit.  I'm having fun and have so far managed to shove tools into the end of two fingers!!
I'll show you the results in a few days time.

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