Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Roots and Wings ~ gifts for your children

From the moment you hold your tiny newborn baby in your arms, as you gaze in wonder at the perfectly formed minature finger nails and little finger prints, as you stroke it's little body and kiss it's little head, the realision dawns upon you. This is my little baby. Mine to nurture, to encourage, to feed and clothe. This is my baby.
What a task lies ahead of you. It won't always be easy, they'll be times you feel like climbing the wall with frustration, times when you'll be angry, times you'll be sad, but many many moments that makes everthing worthwhile. The little pictures that will build up happy memories in your heart, all the firsts, tooth, smile, step and all too soon exam and driving test, boy/ girlfriend.
Through it all you'll ask yourself whether you are up to the task and whether you'll do the right thing?
In short it comes down to only two things Roots and Wings. Roots: the smiles, encouragement, values, independant life skills, guidance and love that you bestow upon your child as it grows. and Wings: knowing when and how to allow your fledgling child to emerge from the nest and stretch it's wings in the sunshine of the big wide world, knowing that they may flap about a bit ungracefully at first, but that they have the strength to fly when they are ready.

It's my sons 18th birthday on monday. He can fly!

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