Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nitty Gritty

On Tuesday I discovered what might be Britain's best kept secret ... The Nitty Gritty Comb!
Why did no one tell me about it? Why is it such a secret, i just want to shout about it from the roof tops! (can you tell I'm a fan!!)

Head lice and nits (the eggs) are something that every mum will come across if their child goes to school. When you first see your child scratch, a shudder of dread goes through you as you realise he tears and time consuming hair combing that is ahead of you. There is always the lotions and potions approach, but the chemicals contained in them are nasty, poisonous and dangerous, as one person put it "you wouldn't put them on your daffodils!". I have wasted pound after pound looking for the "perfect irradicator" I've tried electronic zappers, plastic combs and metal combs all to no avail. You think they are all out and then discover several days later that they are still lurking or that a stray egg has hatched out. And to make it even worse all the nits are left in the hair leaving a shameful tell tale sign that your child has had them.

On tuesday I went into Sainsbury's and my life changed. I was actually there to buy a thermometer and right next to the thermometer I saw it .... The "Rolls Royce of nit combs". At fist the £10 price tag took me back, but inquistive, I picked up te product to look. It all made sense, longer closer together teath with guidance spirals. What an ingenious product!
£10 lighter, I couldn't wait for my daughter to arrive home from school.
"Look what I've got", I called as she entered the door. I think that she was a little dissapointed, but even she was amazed by it's performance. I love my Nitty gritty comb!

The fact that the comb has a life time guarantee makes it even better and your doctor can even prescribe one for you on perscription (details on the website)

Don't believe me? Have a look for yourself. it could be the best £10 you ever spend!


Dragon Crafts said...

So impressed I have ordered one myself!!

Ra Ra Bazaar said...

This blog article is now featured on the nitty gritty site!

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